Healing Session & Workshop Topics

Healing Sessions for individuals; in person, by phone and skype.

Healing Workshops for groups are also available.

Topics Covered

"Forgiveness" – Forgive Anything and Everyone

“The Mind” – Acknowledging Unhealthy Perceptions Heals

"Mindfulness" - Living in the Present Positively impacts our well-being

"Grief and Loss" - Move through and grow from; grief, bereavement and loss

"Healing Emotional Blocks & Negative Patterns" – Identify and heal your negative patterns

"The Masks We Wear" – Become aware of other parts of yourself and the roles you play

"Accessing Your Heart's Wisdom" – Receive guidance through Meditation & Intuition

"Prayers in Action" – Learn how prayer can heal

"Creative Healing" - Discover the healing power of art, sound and music

"Releasing Your Fears" - Tapping (EFT) Acupressure + Psychology

NOTE:  New Healing Session & Workshop topics are continually added.


Jeannette Thompson, Spiritual Counsellor, Workshop Creator & Facilitator

780-298-1553 and [email protected]

(Professional Member CCPA)

   (In person - Edmonton and all surrounding areas)   


Individual sessions - $105.00

(Book 6 individual sessions in advance pay $525.00 (save $105.00)

Groups - Minimum 4 participants - $65.00 per person/group session


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Healing Sessions