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About Me

My spiritual journey began over 25 years ago when my Mom died suddenly at the age of 60 in 1991. She had been my best friend and confidant for all of my life and I didn't know how I would possibly live without her in my life. Her death sent me on a spiritual search that expanded over the next 13 years. I felt that I had come to a point where I had accepted her death, had a comfortable understanding of death and life seemed different but was good again.

Then my search came to an abrupt halt on July 23, 2004. That is when my 21 year old son drowned in a swimming accident. The pain and devastation of losing my child was indescribable. I lost my beliefs, I lost all faith in goodness and my heart felt like it had stopped. There were many times when I felt that I couldn't breathe and I just wanted to die. When I reached the point where I no longer wanted to live on this earth, the fear of leaving my daughter without a mother, threw me back into my search with such resolve and energy, nothing else seemed to matter. I needed to know why my son had died. I needed to know what I was going to be for the rest of my life without him. I no longer knew what my purpose was and I was constantly asking myself "why am I here?" These questions and many more pushed me to search as many Spiritual pathways as I could, for something that would heal my pain and suffering.

Within a few years I knew I needed to change my work path. An opportunity presented itself for me to continue my education. I completed my studies at the Transformational Arts College of Holistic and Spiritual Training in Toronto, ON in 2010. I received my certification in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction. Along with my certification in Grief Counselling, Crisis Support and my background in Education, I became qualified to offer spiritual counselling services. Within a few years of receiving my accreditations and practicing in my home town in Ontario, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta to be near my daughter, her husband and my grandchildren. My daughter had gone out west to "check it out" and ended up staying and falling in love. I followed her about 2 years later. I've worked in Administration, Social Services and Education ever since. As I continue my work in Education, I am re-establishing myself as a Spiritual Counsellor providing personal healing sessions and workshops in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. It's a very wonderful time in my life and one which I am so excited to share with others. My individual sessions and group work are called "Healing Sessions and Healing Workshops."

What I am offering you here is a culmination of years of learning and experience that I have gained through my own personal journey along with specialized education. I've learned that there are many pathways that lead us home. You will find that ultimately, you will discover your own way as you move through your lessons and continue to heal. I also learned that I am a Spiritual Work in Progress. It's a continuous journey that never ends. I feel blessed to be able to "Hold Space for You as you Heal and Grow." "I honour wherever you are now". Namaste

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Healing Sessions are available, in person, by phone and through skype.

Healing Workshops are available for groups.

Please contact me directly for more information. Thank you...Jeannette

780-298-1553 or [email protected]

(In person - Edmonton AB and all surrounding areas)