"You Are Love"​​

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This podcast was originally recorded in June 2017 and posted on-line July 11, 2017. Host Joshua Black and guest host Jade Black were wonderful interviewers. Please visit their Grief Dreams Podcasts at https://griefdreamspodcast.podbean.com/ for more wonderful interviews with those who are dealing with grief, bereavement and loss.

My response following my podcast: It was challenging to experience such a wide range of emotions while doing this podcast. Although it's coming up to 13 years since Matthew passed, there were many moments during this recording that I felt that I was right back where it all started. The difference was that back then there was only pain, shock and suffering and what I thought was a loss of great love. Over the years so much healing and acceptance has occurred that my experience during this "inquiry" included joy, love as I've never known it, appreciation and light. I experienced pain, suffering and loss in combination with joy, love and appreciation. What an incredible heart opening experience! Thank you to Josh and Jade for guiding me through this experience. Also thank you to all those friends and family who chose to listen as well.

 🙏 May this podcast provide healing for you as well. Jeannette